A Return to Our Roots

My grandparents immigrated to the US from India 40 years ago in search of better opportunities for their families. While they found much of what they were looking for, they left a lot behind. Family and community, a familiar culture, home, of course. But also, a totally different way of life, with food at the center of it. Many compromises on ingredients had to be made, with spices being a major one. The shift from truly local (spices were literally delivered from the farmer down the road), OG organic and fair-trade to the dull, lifeless spices on store shelves was seismic. And while, over time, the availability and quality of the variety of the fruits and vegetables they were used to improved, spices simply did not change. Unfortunately, even generations later, the spice market hasn’t changed much. 

At the same time, while the Indian population in the US has continued to grow, much of the sentiment towards the cuisine is that it’s unhealthy, full of cream, all tastes the same, etc. I want to change that narrative by focusing on the heart of Indian cuisine: spices. I enlisted my Dad, Sandeep, as my co-founder – he’s the greatest chef I know and a food-industry vet – on this mission and Down the Road Spice Co. was born. By sourcing incredibly flavorful and potent single-origin organic spices (like the ones my grandmothers used!) and creating organic small-batch masalas that translate family recipes into blends, we are making it easier to cook and experience amazing Indian food. We hope you’ll hang out with us, cook with us and share all of the delicious ways you use our spices.

To food, family, community and good health,

Mansi Shah

Co-Founder, Down the Road Spice Co.